This is Tomboy

Where to start. How about we set the mood?

Robyn, the greatest inspiration behind Tomboy, was sitting on the rug in her lounge at the foot of her sofa, a stylish glass of red wine is perched on the edge of the coffee table and her audible is busy blaring anything Tony Robbins. Two sweet adopted patchwork pups are constantly staring, expecting something spectacular to happen and she was sitting staring at the laptop screen hoping for the same thing.

A bit about Robyn, aka everyone’s favorite sidekick. "I have an incredible job where I am successful beyond what is considered normal, a very colorful family and a very full beautiful life. I have, however gotten bored of being the sidekick and want to pursue the next level of my life.

I spent the last week of my life in Singapore with my Dad at the Tony Robbins, Unleashing the Power Within. I have never been so inspired or motivated. Tony says it takes one moment to change your life and that moment is NOW. So as of right NOW, welcome to my journey to building my dream and my company. It has been a hope of my heart for 3 years now, it is definitely about time I brought it to life."

All input, advice and opinions will always be welcome to Tomboy. Our aim is to build a community of strong, empowered women and grow through networking. Thank you for joining Tomboy on our journey... let's grow together.

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