Tomboy is walking for a cause

Have you heard of #FunkItImWalking?

Well as soon as Tomboy heard of the amazing initiative and awareness that #FunkItImWalking raises within South Africa we knew we had to see what it was all about...

To step into spring, on the 5th September, we will be walking with #FunkItImWalking’s founder Nomsa Mazwai (@NomiSupasta ) and 50 others who believe in empowering women and the community around us. We are walking through Soweto to raise awareness around womens’ safety and our right to walk the streets without fear.

@NomiSupasta is walking every single month from a train station to a local restaurant. When people walk their quality of life improves, you can go to a restaurant and in turn we can support local businesses. By making it safer we're improving our property prices, contributing towards the success of our economy and building a safer community.

Tomboy believes that South Africa has the power to be great and #FunkItImWalking is one of the foundations led by a powerful woman, working towards the same vision.

We are excited to be walking with TomBoy. Working together we can create the South Africa we are all so desperate to live in." ~ Nomsa Mazwai

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